4 Adventure tourism jobs you didn’t know existed

Looking for a career in adventure travel? We’ve all heard about the common adventure tourism jobs that people take to get them out of the daily grind, like camp coaches, snowboard or surf instructors, or even tour guides or travel agents for big adventure travel companies.

But what if you want something that’s a little more unique? Something that will really be a great conversation starter next time you get talking to someone at a bar or on an aeroplane.

Here are 4 adventure tourism jobs and travel-related roles that you mightn’t have known existed. All of them beat sitting in an office for 8 hours a day, that’s for sure!

Adventure Tourism Jobs

The 4 adventure tourism jobs you wish were yours

Superyacht driver

Got a boating license, and fancy chauffeuring rich people around on the ocean for a living? For those who love the adventure of being out on the open ocean, travelling to some of the most exotic seaside locations and tropical islands in the world, this could be the job for you. Even you don’t quite have all of the qualifications just yet, get started by visiting an academy like the Super Yacht Crew Academy. Then you’ll be (almost) telling the truth the next time you use the line “see my yacht over there…?” to try and impress the opposite sex.


Topdeck Coach Driver

Want to take the ultimate road trip around the world, AND get paid for it? Becoming a Topdeck Coach Driver may just be one of the adventure tourism jobs for you. Sure, you may have to endure a few noisy teenagers and early-twenty-somethings on their riotous graduation or gap-year trip, but you’ll have the chance to make some awesome friends with fellow staff members, and see some amazing sites along the way. See this link for more info.


Slide Tester

 No, we’re not kidding! According to the Telegraph, one of the UK’s biggest tour operators was recently looking to recruit a lucky Briton to become its new waterslide tester for £20,000 per annum. It doesn’t seem like much, but hey –I’d accept that much cash for (literally) sitting on my bum on a water slide all day. It would just preferably if it was in the summer time…


Ski lift operator in Chamonoix

Getting paid for pushing a “start” and “stop” button for a few hours a day, then spending the rest of your time skiing or boarding the slopes of some of the most beautiful ski destinations in the world, like The Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix? Sign us up please. Unlike being a ski instructor, being a ski lift operator means that you can save your energy for carving up the slopes in your own time. Check out this site to get started with looking for skiing adventure tourism jobs around the world.


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