5 unbeatable adventure holidays for families

When you’re travelling as a family, you’ll want something that you can all enjoy – not just something fun for the kids while the adults sit bored, and vice versa. Adventure holidays are often great for entertaining the whole family, and we’ve put together a list of adventure holiday ideas that are perfect for all ages.


Snow sports are a great adventure holiday option, as there is usually something to cater to all skill levels – whether your kids are expert skiiers or just finding their feet on a snowboard. If you’re all newbies, the added fun of getting a family group lesson is great.

For top skiing locations around the world, try Thredbo in Australia (Friday Flats is perfect for newbie snow bunnies) Mont Tremblant in Canada, or _____ in New Zealand.


For kids who are too young or small to cycle on their own, there are plenty of options like tandem bikes or bicycles with sidecars, which you can usually rent at an affordable price.


While hiking up Mount Everest is perhaps not the most-kid friendly

While you may want to leave hiking up Mount Everest until the kids are a little older, hiking generally is the perfect adventure holiday. Depending on how much your family (or at least the most vocal of your family members!) loves the great outdoors, you can choose to camp on multi-day trips, or take short day walks while staying in nearby accommodation. Great hiking locations around the world include Yosemite National Park in the USA, the Blue Mountains in Sydney, and pretty much anywhere in Canada during the summer.

Safari adventures

Kids love almost anything to do with animals, and a safari adventure holiday will offer a little more excitement than your average weekend trip to the town zoo. Obviously Africa springs to mind, but for those travelling from Australia or New Zealand, a trip to the Bali Marine and Safari park is closer to home and much more affordable. While it is a smaller-scale safari adventure, you and the kids will be able to see animals like elephants, tigers and lions close up in their natural environment.

Road trips

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET…?!”

We know, we know – we’ve all got nightmares of reliving one of those scenes you see in movies where the kids are restless, screaming, complaining, hungry, and fist-fighting with each other over whose turn it is to play with the Gameboy or iPad. But road trips don’t have to be that way – not if you make sure you prepare thoroughly before setting off. If you’re taking an adventure road trip with your family, be sure you plan your stops along the way carefully. Plan not to be driving for more than around an hour at a time if you have small children, and ensure there’s something interesting to see or do (or eat!) at every stop. Our picks for great driving routes that will keep you and the kids entertained at every stop along the way?

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