More adventure sports holidays for those who love a challenge

The word “holiday” means something different to everyone. Some people love to go on holidays, sit by a pool, and get lost in a good book while working on their tan, while others prefer to get up early every day and pound the pavement, map in hand, trying to visit every single sight and tourist attraction a city has to offer.

If “relaxing” and “chilling out” are not the kinds of phrases you’re likely to use to describe your perfect holiday, why not try one of the countless adventure sports holidays available around the world? You’ll get to experience the local culture of a country and see the amazing sights of the outdoors, all while getting fitter and more skilled in your chosen sport at the same time.

Here are some of our top picks for adventure sports holidays around the world:

Glacier Trekking – Italy & Switzerland

Definitely one for those who want to escape the crowds (or just all of human civilization in general….), why not get your heart pumping for more reasons than one by tackling one of the alpine glaciers along the border of Italy and Switzerland? Mountain Tracks is just one company that offers a range of different treks to suit all skill levels, whether your idea of strenuous exercise is a light stroll to the corner shop or a grueling Crossfit workout.

Red Sea Swimming – Egypt

How does “Egyptian Red Sea Winter Safari” sound for something exotic to do for your next adventure sports holiday? Swim Trek is a company which offers a totally unique 7-day guided trip featuring coast, reef and bay swimming all along the coast of Egypt. Don’t be put off by the word “winter” either – water temperatures throughout the months of November to March average around 22oC, so you’ll be pleasantly comfortable as you paddle through the Red Sea.

Gartenhotel Sonnleitn Salzburg – Austria

Fancy your holidays with a healthy side order of sweat and outdoor cardio exrercise? Then the All-round Fitness Retreat in Austria could just be the thing for you. Set amongst the picturesque Fuschl am See countryside in Austria, the Gartenhotel Sonnleitn is a great place to stay if you like to train in the great outdoors. In addition to a plethora of activities, like swimming, Nordic walking, tennis and hiking, there’s also a unique fitness trail in the woods surrounding the hotel, complete with information boards which offer tips on everything from how to jog correctly to special strength and stretching exercises you can do along the way. Don’t think you can get out of being active if the weather’s not ideal, either – The hotel has its own local wellness and fitness trainer who offers a variety of activities including step aerobics, aqua jogging, figure shaping, back exercises and Pilates, just to name a few.

Running the Highlands – Scotland

This is one’s for everyone and anyone who’s ever had the urge to run through the Scottish countryside loudly bellowing the ‘Braveheart’ theme song. Running the Highlands is a company that organises running holidays, running tours and training weekends in the beautiful North Eastern Highlands for runners of all abilities. You can either join in on one of a number of different training weekends happening throughout the year, or organise your own tailored holiday package at any time throughout the year. You’ll get fit while enjoying the freshest of fresh air and taking in some pretty beautiful sights at the same time.

Kilt and face paint entirely optional…

River rafting – Canada

When your usual upper body workout gym routine just isn’t cutting it anymore, why not put those guns to good use by taking a refreshing river rafting tour through the Canadian Rockies? Rocky Mountain Raft Tours offers environmentally friendly guided tours through the stunning scenery of Canada, getting you up close and personal with nature and giving your arms a good rowing workout at the same time. This one’s great for families too.

Want more ideas for travelling and getting fit outdoors at the same time? Check out our article on Top 5 adventure sports holidays for fitness fans.

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