Best adventure travel tips & advice ever

Best adventure travel tips & advice ever

Adventure travel is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences that anyone can have. Most of the time you’re pushing yourself physically, challenging yourself  to step out of your comfort zone.

Aeroplane on runway

Pack appropriately

A plastic poncho is daggy, yes, bit it’s an incredibly cheap, lightweight and useful item for people on the go in uncharted territories.

Don’t get caught up taking too many photos

Too many times I’ve been having an amazing experience, and been too worried about taking a photo of the amazing view, or

So don’t sweat over broken memory cards or underexposed shots. Your own memory is the best way to remember your amazing experiences with.

Share your adventures with a friend

Even if you’re a solo traveller, sharing a common interest with someone is one of the most magical parts of adventure travel.

Some there are some experiences that you just want to experience with someone else. Plus there’s someone later on to help you tell the hilarious story of when you both got stuck in the mud while mountain biking or slid down a ski slope on your bums because you accidentally got caught on a black run.

Be brave

Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. We’re not saying to take risks that are so huge that even Bear Grylls would disapprove of, but every now and then, it’s ok to feel scared. It will give you a greater sense of accomplishment. The same goes for food – have the courage to step out of the usual tourist areas packed with overpriced restaurants, and head to a smaller suburb or local street food markets where the locals are eating. You’ll get a more authentic food experience.

Safety first

While risky experiences are often some of the most exhilarating, exciting and memorable, there are still plenty of ways to live on the edge and take plenty of safety precautions as well. If you’re trying a new and rather extreme sport for the first time, make sure you spend your first few sessions with a qualified instructor, at least to get the basics down pat. Then, spend heaps of time practicing until you feel confident enough to take on something a little more challenging, whether it’s a bigger wave, steeper ski slope, or faster-flowing white water river.

Take time out when you need to

If you’ve been hiking through the rainforest, snowboarding every day or, it’s perfectly normal to feel fatigued. The important thing is that you don’t continue to push yourself when you obviously need a rest, as doing so could result in injury, dehydration, or the biggest adventure-killer ever – a really bad mood.

Listen to your own body and take a breather if you need to. A long massage and an early night is often all it takes to give yourself a recharge after a long day of hiking or watersports.

Book your next trip soon after arriving home

This is more of a personal preference, but if you’re able to organise another adventure after arriving home, it will help stave off the post-holiday blues for longer. Or you can always decide to make adventure travel your live and career, but looking into one of the many adventure travel jobs out there.

What are your ultimate adventure travel tips and advice?

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