Singles adventure travel – tips for first time travellers

Singles adventure travel is a great way to meet someone like-minded who’s interested in the same kind of activities, cultural experiences or sports as you. But singles adventures aren’t just for people looking to meet that special someone (although many do get caught up in the romance of being on the road while travelling!)

Whether you’re travelling to meet someone, to make friends, or just to experience some solo soul-searching, travelling as a single can be a great experience. If you’ve never travelled alone before, here are some top tips for singles and solo travellers.

Find the right sort of trip for you

While travelling solo is the perfect chance to challenge yourself and try new things while seeing the world, make sure you choose an activity or tour that’s right for your interests and skill level. Many people sign up for outdoor treks and tours not realising just how physically demanding they can be. Check out companies like Trusted Adventures – They’ve got a huge range of different singles adventure tours and holidays available to suit all skill levels and holiday types, from trekking through the Alaskan wilderness to sailing between the Greek Islands.

Check organised events

Even if you’re shy, it’s still possible to meet heaps of people while you’re travelling as a single. Organised tours and events like cycling days, snow trips or even just bar crawls organised through the hostel you’re staying in can all be great, so be sur to take full advantage. Sites like Meetup are also great when you’re in a foreign country or city. It has heaps of different groups of people who regularly organise events and hangouts, so it’s easy to find a group that has similar interests or hobbies as you.

Watch your back

We know, we know – we hate to put a damper on the article, but as always when you’re travelling, it’s important to keep your wits about you. Drink spiking still happens, so while it’s great to let loose and enjoy yourself, always be aware of your surroundings, especially on nights out, and don’t let anyone you don’t know give you a drink unless you’ve watched it being made yourself. Right, now that we’re finished giving the mum lecture…

Choose the right tour for your age

Signing up for a singles tour for adults, then showing up and finding the entire crowd is comprised of somehow constantly drunken teenagers, you’re going to be pretty disappointed in your holiday. If you’re not sure what the exact target age is for a particular tour is, it may help to ask around to see if anybody you know has experience with a particular company. If not, look around online on travel blogs and forums – these give the best first-hand accounts of whether a particular company was indeed targeted towards mature 35 year old travellers (like their website claimed) or whether the group was full of young 18-21 year olds who just wanted to party and get their sleaze on.

Have you ever gone on a singles adventure holiday? What was it like? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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